vonnie – necklace


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a unique piece of jewellery

handmade porcelain lily with original screen printed and hand drawn artwork, incorporating sterling silver, & flourite
a beautiful colour combination of pure white, dusty pink, deep blue, purple & silver

a really gorgeous statement piece

necklace length is 81.5cm
the end of the necklace can be clipped anywhere on the chain to vary the length using the albert clasp at the end of the chain

there is a 5cm highlight chain section of 3mm round links at the end of the necklace between the flourite and porcelain bead
the feature piece moves freely along the chain
the flourite and porcelain bead can then fall down your back or be draped back around to your decolletage

the length of the featured lily is 8.5cm long x 3.5cm at it’s widest

the porcelain is high fired and very strong although care must be taken
not to knock it against hard surfaces. it can be cleaned using warm
water. the sterling silver can be cleaned as per steling silver

designed and hand crafted by fiona mcdonald of ichimu & juicyapple

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