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sometimes people write lovely things about ichimu and we cannot say thankyou enough for their love…
here are links to what these kind people have said and the gorgeous shots they have taken
thankyou : )


ceramics victoria
upcoming exhibition featured artist – ichimu!
thank you ceramics victoria for such an exciting opportunity. i am so flattered to have been asked to be a part of this exhibition. thank you too to ruby pilven (an amazing ceramic artist!) for making it such a great experience so far!

the lovely kerrie from llyodtoldgeorge has featured ichimu on her blog… if you feel like have a browse through her site which is really beautiful head on over. and while you are there, have a little read about ichimu too! thank you kerrie 🙂

the creative women’s circle
the gorgeous brianna read from the creative women’s circle (a networking group for women working in creative industries to share information, inspiration and ideas) and also the jack of diamonds (original and beautiful knits) has written a lovely piece on ichimu… i am completely blown away! so very much appreciated thankyou x 

the design files
the amazing team of lucy, lisa and sean at the design files did a great piece on boom gallery in geelong (yes ren and kate are quite deservedly scooping up accolades everywhere!) and in amongst the fantastic editorial was a beautiful photograph by sean fennessey of some ichimu pieces. love your work tdf! x

oh hello geelong
the gorgeous girls over at oh hello geelong – penny and laura have recently arrived in geelong and are discovering all of the exciting things g-town has to offer. they are writing a fantastic blog and recently they featured the artistically passionate ren and kate of boom gallery writing about the artists they house – amongst all of the creativity there ichimu got a mention! thanks ladies x
oh hello geelong