new vessels… greens, blues and yellows…

these are part of a range that have been in the testing phase for a little while… which glaze? which stain? which firing schedule? i am still trying a few things out for best results but i do love these colours… very spring and very gelati


and below is my black vessel seated on a printed and linocut piece. it has been very interesting pushing the limits of the printing process. i think once you start discovering things you realise how much more there is to experiment with



craft hatch market – wrap up

thanks to everyone who came by or wished me well for saturday. and a huge thankyou to mardi of (bairdborrack.com) who gave me heaps of help and support on the day and beforehand, the artisan matt (mattebaird.wordpress.com) who built my beautiful shelving and support blocks – hours of work there to give me a silken finish – and also shane (archiewoodworks.com.au) who lasercut, colour matched and painted my logo and got it to me on time! i really appreciate the time and effort you all put in. and thanks mum and dad!

the lead-up was frantic so saturday was quite relaxing by contrast and a really lovely way to catch up with friends on the day

the venue was the gorgeous £1000 bend in little lonsdale street which i hadn’t visited before – much to my shame. it features a bustling cafe out the front a great gallery space out the back and a theatre upstairs! something for everyone

the crowd was really enthusiastic about ichimu which was lovely although i think some of you are a little afraid to touch porcelain. this is a real shame as it is a beautifully tactile medium and really very strong

the stall holders were all fun and interesting – i must mention my favourites – brianna (jackofdiamonds.com.au) who had her exquisitely designed and made knitwear (on her knitting machine!) and youssef tayeb (sideprojectone.com) whose delicate 3d printed nylon jewellery was on display. there was also kate hill (kateehill.blogspot.com.au) who had her beautiful wheel thrown and hand built tableware at the market

below are a couple of shots of ichimu at craft hatch

coloured vessels and saucers

a new range of glazes i have been using… the colours are divine but a bit unreliable which is very nerve wracking

and i have introduced some doily inspired saucers to mix and match with the vessels. these will be available in the shop soon : )



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