upcoming exhibition at ceramics victoria

26 june – 2 august

since 2004, the city of whitehorse has had the privilege of being custodial curator of the ceramics victoria collection for a magnanimous 25 year loan. in 2014, this important state institution celebrates 45 years of studio ceramics in victoria.

as part of this exhibition there is a fresh clay section which features upcoming artists that ceramics victoria feel will influence the future direction of ceramics in victoria. i am very excited to be a part of this!

the paper series

i LOVE paper in all it’s incarnations… with this series i am aiming to get that weightless, papery feel embedded in porcelain. the pieces are actually quite light and yet also unyielding. there is not the give that paper has. this combination of the visual and the physical is very interesting for me and something i want to explore more…