illustrated porcelain vessels

i just love the paper thinness you can achieve with porcelain… it is divine! below are a couple of shots of the latest illustrated pieces

stained vessels… out of the kiln

and here they are! i am very happy with these. the lip is superfine and a pleasure to sip from. there are a few varieties

craft hatch market – wrap up

thanks to everyone who came by or wished me well for saturday. and a huge thankyou to mardi of ( who gave me heaps of

bespoke bracelets

i have also been putting together a range of unique porcelain bracelets using a variety of stains, glazes and illustrations below is a sample of

coloured vessels and saucers

a new range of glazes i have been using… the colours are divine but a bit unreliable which is very nerve wracking and i have

gorgeous sea green and blue glazes

finished vessels  put to the test sipping on a light fruity infusion with a friend in the garden… so lovely with the sun peeking through

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