artist statement

ichimu – a dream, a fleeting thing – has developed via a love of design, colour, pattern and shape. ichimu translates these to new forms – aiming to capture those things that remain in place for a brief time and re-interpret them in a more weighty medium

fiona mcdonald is a multi disciplinary artist working across ceramics, illustration, weaving and photography with a focus on ceramics. she is based on the wild west coast of victoria. 

her practice explores the concept of time, emotion and memory, how one affects the other and how each is perceived in any moment. this is achieved through the use of line and form to represent feelings within time by giving them weight on paper, in fibre or through clay. her practice in ceramics loops and links pieces together as sculptural yet changeable representations of emotions. these explore the concept and perception of time and how it concertinas when paired with memory and feeling. how stories evolve and change over time

being able to see ‘time’ out of time is a cathartic and incredibly interesting and engaging experience and one she continues to explore

to this end, the tool carried with her at all times is the link between what she sees, her imagination and her hands…

what she captures in her ceramics – indeed across her art practice – is a moment or a compilation of moments that culminate in works of delicate beauty. through her works she attempts to make people pause and be present in the moment. to be engaged in what they are experiencing